How can I use social media (LinkedIn) to promote my business?

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Should my business get involved in social media, and specifically, how can I use LinkedIn to promote my business? - Asheville Construction Firm

You should absolutely get involved in social media marketing, no matter what business you're in. For B2B marketing, we would suggest starting a LinkedIn company page, if you don't have one already, and using that as your social media hub. It can attract "followers" (fans) just like Facebook or Twitter, which is great if your business is primarily B2B. If the majority of your clients are individuals, rather than businesses, you probably need to use a Facebook fan page and Twitter for your business.

Short article about the LinkedIn Business Page feature here:

No matter what you use, you need to do two things: attract fans/followers and provide interesting content. If you have a website, business card, etc. place links to your social media/website/blog there. Serve content through your social media that interests people and makes people stay engaged. Perhaps free advice on DIY construction projects, or any other things that may fit into your line of work or resonate with your customer base. Also, a blog about your field of expertise is always very helpful for creating interest in your business (remember to link over to your LinkedIn pages, etc. from there). You can start one at blogspot, wordpress, etc. for free...

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