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Mobile marketing has become one of the fastest growing market segments in recent years. Due to the advent of the PDA, mobile marketing is becoming an invaluable part of the marketing mix. The ability to reach consumers wherever they are is a powerful tool - one that can be exploited to serve advertising based on interest, location, or a number of other determining factors.

Text Message (SMS) Opt-In Advertising

SMS advertising is accomplished through the use of a CSC (Common Short Code). A CSC is a telephone number, usually 4-6 digits in length, to which you can send (and receive) text messages. When you get your short code, you may associate any number of "keywords" (numerically represented) with your short code to prompt different actions. A good example of this type of usage is a real estate company - the firm may have 123456 as their short code, but may have 100 different properties, each assigned a different "keyword" under this short code. When a potential customer sends a text message to the short code referencing a particular keyword, information will be returned to that customer (via SMS text message) specific to the property that they referenced (via "keyword"). In this way, a company can use one short code for marketing a wide array of products and/or services.

GPS-Based Advertising

One of the most exciting new developments in advertising today is GPS-based advertising. By knowing where a potential customer is physically located, ads can be served that are specific to that area, or even specific to the direction in which they are heading. The possibilities of this type of advertising are endless, but it functions best for retail services, restaurants, hotels, and the like - offering coupons or discounts to those who pass within a certain geographical radius of the business. Currently, GPS advertising can be accomplished through the use of social media geolocation and "check-in" applications, geolocated search advertising, and promixity-based advertising.

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