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PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is the largest advertising outlet on the web today. Pioneered by Google AdWords, and embraced by Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN AdCenter, among others, the pay per click model involves bidding for clicks, and then paying the click provider for every click that the client's website receives. The bid price, along with other factors, determines ad placement, clickthrough rate, and ultimately, conversion rate. PPC remains the number one way to market your product online, but there are many facets to a PPC campaign that may not be obvious to the average marketer.

Keyword Research & Selection

The key to a great PPC program is choosing the right keywords. Easy, right? Not so. While it may be easy to come up with your main keyphrases, you can generate far more traffic, and at a much cheaper price, by building huge lists of targeted keywords, each in targeted ad groups with appropriate ad copy. Long-tail keyphrases (those with 3+ words) are one of the best ways to find great traffic at a low price.

Ad Targeting

Targeted ad text, in combination with correlating landing pages, improves clickthrough, conversion, and, in turn, user continuity. Not only will well-targeted ad text improve your algorithmic ranking, it will also help increase conversion rates and decrease customer abandonment.

Algorithm Score Improvement

Most PPC engines function around an algorithm that determines a "score" for the particular keyword-ad-landing page combination that you are bidding on. In the early days of PPC, this score was determine solely by bid - that is, if you bid higher than your competitors, your ad showed first. This is no longer the case, with a complex algorithm with many different factors affects the "score". Now, with proper optimization techniques and by improving general ad relevancy, it is possible to get your ad placed above competitors who may be bidding three times what you are.

Ad Placements

PPC's other main component besides search, placement ads are ads purchased on websites belonging to the major content networks, such as Google Adsense. This is a way to serve your ads to visitors of all types of websites, not just the search engines. Placement bidding functions much in the same way as PPC, but you choose the outlets for your ads based on traffic, impression counts, and demographic data.

Multimedia Ads

PPC has evolved from text to much more - image ads, animations, and videos are now also the norm when it comes to PPC advertising. The creation of rich, brilliant ad collateral will greatly improve your ads' clickthrough and conversion rates.

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