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Executive-level Timeshare Marketing Consulting

BNM Resort Services draws on years of executive experience in the industry to provide effective, profit-driven executive timeshare consulting services, expert business process development, and ROI-driven sales and marketing solutions to our clients in the vacation ownership industry. Our focus on new media and technology as an integral facet of our timeshare consulting work continues to produce innovations and industry-firsts in the fields of lead generation, online product sales, and internet marketing/e-commerce.

Online Minivac / "Drivedown" / Inhouse Timeshare Tour Generation

We have extensive experience creating, implementing, and managing high-VPG tour generation initiatives of all types, including overnights, drivedowns, inhouse/owner programs, OPC, and owner referrals.

Industry-leading Internet Marketing, Web Development, and E-Commerce Management

BNM is a market leader in the sale of vacation ownership products via e-commerce and the internet. Over the last decade, we have developed marketing systems, design strategies, and lead generation capabilities that have continued to grow and evolve with the internet, as well as the industry. Our unique combination of intensive technical knowledge, marketing proficiency, and executive management capability provides our clients with the technological advantage they need to win in today's marketplace.

Demographic Targeting for Increased Tour Efficiency & VPG

In this industry, we're not just looking for customers, we're looking for the right customers. We use cutting-edge lead generation techniques, social media data mining, and a host of other new media tools at our disposal to laser-target the perfect consumer profiles and advertising outlets for marketing. By analyzing your current owner base against hundreds of factors, we can effectively target and "score" prospective customers' propensity to buy the product. Basing our lead generation and tour generation philosophy on this data and methodology has proven to be an effective tool in generating high-efficiency tours.

Tour Source & Financial Analysis

We understand that the perfect marketing mix is a proper blend of sources, efficiencies, and conversion, orchestrated perfectly to maximize revenue and cost efficiency. We are able to effectively analyze existing sources and vendors, create new marketing campaigns, and improve your existing business processes and financial structure to drive sales growth and productivity.

Strategic Planning / New Program Development

In an industry that's constantly changing, we help you stay one step ahead with on-target sales projections, long-term budgets and analysis, and the quick and effective creation and implementation of new campaigns to meet marketing needs and take advantage of the latest technology.

Local, Nationwide, and Worldwide Lead Generation

The internet has made it easier than ever to generate demographically-targeted, permission-based response leads. We have experience working with a wide range of premiums, hooks, and pitches that, combined with our extensive use of technology, produces cost-efficient, responsive, and stable outbound lead sources. We also focus heavily on inbound call generation, which has proven to be our most cost-effective and highest-converting sales method.

With the advent of the DNC list and similar legislation a decade ago, timeshare marketing began an immediate and permanent shift towards the direction of permission-based leads. We create full-compliant, demographically-targeted online and offline lead generation solutions, which focus on high customer regocnition/retention, ease of use, and profitable sales efficiencies/VPG.

Sales, Telemarketing, and Call Center Consultation & Implementation

BNM possesses extensive experience in the field of call center marketing, implementation, and business process improvement. Solid technology infrastructure, sound financial logic, and excellent training programs will help build or improve new or existing call center operations into effective tour generation facilities, as well as profit centers.

Timeshare Industry Online Reputation Management

The complexity of product in the industry and the propagation of "consumer complaints" sites on the internet have combined to create a big problem for the timeshare industry. Many companies find that when searching their company's name on Google or other engines, the results are filled with bad publicity! This problem is especially bad in an industry where rescission is a huge issue and financial problem. If your buyers don't find peace of mind when searching for information about your product, there's a good chance they may cancel in droves, costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Through constant research and development, we have produced extremely successful, industry-specific strategies for dealing with our clients' needs in relation to online reputation management and negative Google results. We develop effective communications and social media strategies focused on positive consumer interaction and complaint resolution in order to mitigate and stop online complaints, while employing a strategy to "push down" the existing bad publicity by leapfrogging it with content that is positive about the company. Importantly, the methods we use are all legal, honest, and Google-approved and will never jeopardize your company or your websites. Many unscrupulous reputation management firms use techniques that can get sites banned, create negative consumer sentiment, or even create legal troubles for the company.

Social Media, Geolocation, Mobile Marketing Tour Generation Campaigns

There used to only be two ways to hook a tour - on the phone or in person. That is all changing with the advent of location-based social media, GPS advertising, and mobile marketing platforms. Now, customers can be targeted with location-based data - an invaluable tool in our industry, which relies so heavily on the physical location of our prospective customers. By simply "knowing" that a customer is physically near our sales center, OPC location, or other marketing assets, we can geo-target that customer with appropriate advertising to generate walk-in tour traffic.

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